Calivika Shareholder Highlight: Dendra Chavez Photography

Dendra Qakvall’aq Chavez, 91ϳԹ Shareholder and owner of Dendra Chavez Photography

Dendra Qakvall’aq Chavez owns Dendra Chavez Photography. Learn what inspires her and how she makes every photoshoot special.

91ϳԹ 91ϳԹ Elect New Directors

91ϳԹ 91ϳԹ have for the first time elected two Descendant 91ϳԹ – Audrey Alstrom and Glenn J. Ivanoff – to the Board of Directors.

Ten 91ϳԹ 91ϳԹ Win Final 2024 Proxy Prizes

Over 13,000 91ϳԹ who voted online by 5 p.m. on June 3 qualified for the Online Regular and Regular proxy prizes in the 2024 Annual Meeting of 91ϳԹ.

Jalene Uryuralria Herron, Leader from the Region

Jalene Uryuralria Herron, 91ϳԹ Shareholder and PhD student originally from Bethel

Jalene Uryuralria Herron, a 91ϳԹ Shareholder with ties to Bethel, is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Seven 91ϳԹ 91ϳԹ Win 2024 Early Bird Proxy Prizes

Approximately 10,700 91ϳԹ who voted online by 5 p.m. on May 24 qualified for the regular Early Bird prizes and were entered in all remaining prize drawings.

Our Land Rights

On June 1, 1972, the 91ϳԹ incorporators attended a ceremony in Washington, D.C. to approve the creation of 91ϳԹ and two other regional corporations. One of 91ϳԹ’s top priorities was selecting lands. Pictured left to right: Assistant Secretary of the Interior Harrison Loesch, Senator Ted Stevens, and 91ϳԹ incorporators Elizabeth Beans, Paul Dixon, William Tyson, Fred Notti, Robert Nick and Phillip Guy. Dept of Interior / Ted Stevens Foundation photo.

The Interior Department is proposing to lift its ANCSA Section 17(d)(1) withdrawals throughout Alaska, including in the 91ϳԹ Region. “The promises made over 50 years ago to resolve our Alaska Native land claims need to be honored,” says Tisha Kuhns, 91ϳԹ Vice President of Land and Natural Resources.

Yup’ik Teaching Moment: Constantly Perfecting Our Path Forward

Ciunerkaput Elluarqurluku [cheuw-NUGH-kaw-boot eh-LHUA-gh-kugh-LOO-koo] is Yup’ik for “Constantly Perfecting our Path Forward.”

President’s Message: Our Voice On Subsistence Fishing

Subsistence Fishing on the Kuskokwim River

91ϳԹ strongly encourages 91ϳԹ and organizations in the Region, as well as across the state, to continue advocating for subsistence fishing.

Seven 91ϳԹ 91ϳԹ Win 2024 Online Early Bird Proxy Prizes

About 8,500 91ϳԹ who voted online by 5 pm on May 10 qualified for the Online Early Bird prizes and were entered in all remaining prize drawings.

Board Message: Importance of Voting

Your votes count in the upcoming Annual Meeting on June 7 in Anchorage. Do your part by making your voice heard through voting.